Gone Fishin'

Captain's Meeting

This year, the Captains meeting will be held Thursday Night, August 8th at The Elk's Lodge. At this meeting there is food, drinks, and raffles to get everyone in the spirit for fishing on Saturday. We go over the rules and announce what the years 'Mystery Fish' is going to be. Be sure to come and enjoy the company! Small dollar raffles are given Thursday night, high dollar raffles are given both Thursday and Saturday!

Small dollar raffles have included: Fishing tackle, books, decor

High dollar raffles have included: Fishing poles, chair, window pane, bike, skateboard

Mark in the Park

On Saturday, while competitors are fishing, family and friends gather to enjoy food, sun, and drinks. Bottled water is available. The weigh-in will be located at Veteran's Park!

There will be high dollar raffles after the weigh-in. High dollar raffles you do not need to be present to win.

At 4:00 pm we have the final Weigh-in for our fishermen and awards will be given to the largest fish of each category.