Gone Fishin'


Various Paperwork for the Tournament can be found below. When downloading forms, please be sure to check the dates! 

2019 Letter
Letter to our community to keep them informed.

Sponsorship forms change year to year so be sure that the one you want is for the year you are intending to sponsor!

Boat Entry Paperwork
This paperwork can be found on last page of booklet as well, this is the form that must be turned in to be one of the boats involved in the tournament.

Booklet 2019
The booklet is full of information, sponsors, and advertisements that support the MGMFT. Hard copies can be found in many local stores in Delray Beach.

Scholarship Form
The Atlantic High School Student Scholarship Application Form.

2019 Flyer
The Flyer for the 2019 Fishing Tournament

The surveys about preferred raffle prizes and tournament shirts

Raffle Prize Survey

Tournament Shirt Survey - link broken, check Facebook Page. Thank you